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cb whip antenna 8ft List price: $42. At 102" (plus 6" of ball and spring), these full-size, ¼-wave antennas offer maximum efficiency in a mobile antenna. 7 out of 5 stars 431 Shakespeare (10-3) - 8ft Loran C Whip Antenna, Fiberglass Description: The Shakespeare 10-3 is an 8 foot Loran C fiberglass antenna ideal for strong Loran C signal areas and inland waterways. Sort : Default Item Description Price SKU IC56 102" Steel Cb Antenna (504) Bottom 3/8 x 24 Connector For 102" Whip Cb Antenna (597) *3/8 x24 thread bottom connector for 102" steel whip antenna *Set screw included. Excellent for Off Road Use. com 387 & 587. Once Cobra CB radio antenna is placed, it stays as long as you need just because it assures 4 inch magnet. Weather Channel Compatible. 3) Less bend at highway speeds – long whip antennas will bend in the wind and that can cause your SWR change while on the road. The base load whip coil antennas such as the Wilson 1000 and RS 21-988 outperformed the fiberglass antenna. All our antennas are guaranteed for 10 years against any manufacturing defects recognized by our technical department in Barcelona and only on presentation of proof of purchase. Hustler IC56 102″ (8 1/2 ft. Use this whip if you cannot get your SWR set with the standard 62" whip. Heavy duty 2 foot 300 watt top loaded 5/8 wave CB antenna stick with tuneable tip and 3/8"x24" threaded base. We recommend this whip on the Models 75 through 400 antennas for full frequency coverage. Price$8. Improve your CB radio with the BIGCAT-9 CB Antenna from Tram. Built from stainless steel and designed to last. Add to comparator. 99 Browning 18' RG-58A-U CB Antenna Coaxial Cable with PL-259 Connectors $18. 5 feet *102 inch mobile antennas work better & reach farther 305-497. Wilson Trucker 2000 Antennas 10" Shaft - Black 305-495. B500M. RAMI sells a variety of vehicular antennas including CB radio antennas, AM/FM, weather band, whip antennas, and multi band antennas. Solarcon 3ft Top Loaded Fiberglass CB Antenna, 750W. 25-88 MHz (CB/6m/Low Band) 25-31 MHz (CB/10M) High Gain; 30-88 MHz (Low Band) High Gain; Field Tunable Whips; 108-174 MHz (VHF) Amateur VHF/2 Meter Antennas; Commercial VHF Antennas; 175-230 MHz (VHF) 300 to 379 MHz; 380-512 MHz (UHF) Quarter Wave UHF Antennas; High Gain UHF Antennas; No Ground UHF Antennas; Wide Band UHF Antennas; Glass Mount . Add to Cart. ) Stainless Steel CB Whip Antenna. . Wilson T2000 Series Mobile CB Trucker Antenna with 10" Shaft in Black or White. $29. Hustler Antennas has been around for a very long time and are a well-known brand in the antenna community. 5 feet). K40 Antennas Superflex Tunable Black Fiberglass Top Load CB Antenna. 99 New. No Tuning Required Universal 3/8″ x 24 Thread Mount. The larger air coil antenna and 102″ SS whip outperformed the smaller Wilson and RS. You should have a 1. At Walcott, you can buy roof/trunk or magnetic mounts, replacement whips & more. SPIRAL 1,000 WATT LONGSHAFT. shaft. Shakespeare (10-3) - 8ft Loran C Whip Antenna, Fiberglass Description: The Shakespeare 10-3 is an 8 foot Loran C fiberglass antenna ideal for strong Loran C signal areas and inland waterways. This is not a very practical setup, not to mention ugly. Wilson Antenna 2000B10. These ¼ λ & 5/8 λ antennas require a good counterpoise for optimal omini-directional performance. 387 & 587. 5' White Hot Rod Fiberglass CB Antenna. Most of the company's antennas, mounts and cable kits are still made in the USA in the original factory in . 71. It also features a 51 in. The acquiring of a PRESIDENT antenna offers to your CB . Replacment set screw - 880900501 - 10-32 x 1/8". Simple CB Base Station Antenna: This is a simple base station CB antenna You can make in 30 minutes out of a bit of PVC pipe and fittings, some wire and a SO239 coax connector and a piece of coax to connect it to your radio. Quantity: + −. Download. The only one that is not, would be an 8 ft 1/4 wave (108") stainless steel whip mounted on a spring in the middle of the roof. A base load antenna has coil or load at the bottom of the antenna. Extra Long Wilson 66 Inch Replacement Whip. S. 5 feet) CB Band Antenna Whip, 27 MHz Frequency, Resists Bending and Kinking, Stainless Steel 17-7ph Whip, Dissipation Ball Tip Reduces Unwanted Static 4. The high-performance stainless steel 9 in. $19. Massive operating range of around 3 MHz with 2:1 SWR or less. There are basically three types of mobile CB antennas. CB antennas are designed for CB radios and are far better for you. This Solarcon 2ft Top Loaded Fiberglass CB Antenna, 750W, is a top loaded whip with a UV stabilized anti-static black vinyl jacket. Add to cart. SPECIFICALLY ENGINEERED FOR YOUR TRUCK TO MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. For VHF operation, a 5/8-wavelength CB antenna offers a low take-off angle and may achieve increased gain of approximately 3dB over a conventional 18″ spike on the roof. IC56 102 inch Stainless steel whip Cb antenna *IC-56 Wide band (300-500 channel coverage) *102 inches or 8. 2) Shorter length – while the antenna I purchased is pretty long it still is shorter in height than a 102″ antenna. 1) The base load. It works with all kinds of CB Radio, Ham and 10 inch Radio. A 1/4 wave antenna has an angle of radiation of . They have been manufacturing antennas for over 50 years! They offer a variety of high quality products such as CB antennas, mounts, VHF/UHF antennas, and more. 4. 5 feet *102 inch mobile antennas work better & reach farther But when you’re shopping for your truck, you want the best CB antenna for your route. 1001920. Longer than stock 62" Stinger / Whip. 99 Browning Fully-Enclosed NMO 3-4" Hole Mount with 17' Coaxial Cable, PL-259 Connector $22. 5 SWR on this. #7. Compare. 5m or 8. RM 1000-SLW. Choose from 8 different colors. Truckers, it was early 1945 when the first CB Antenna was born. Founded in 1965 as Larsen Electronics, the company was acquired in 1999 by Radiall, then later by Pulse Electronics. Resists Bending and Kinking. $20. It is the ultimate recreational magnet mount antenna. Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments of $14. CB Antennas; Radial Whip; Radial Whip. It uses the standard 3/8 x 24 thread. 5 feet) CB Band Antenna Whip, 27 MHz Frequency, Resists Bending and Kinking, Stainless Steel 17-7ph Whip, Dissipation Ball Tip Reduces Unwanted Static : Electronics Hustler IC-56 Stainless Steel 102" (8. 48. Firestik CB Antenna The Firestik Antenna is one of the best-selling off-road antennas on the market today. The CB-whip 2/440 HAM "J" Antenna. RAMI “OEM Series” CB whip antennas are tailored to the characteristics of each individual truck to achieve peak performance, because “one size fits all” isn’t good enough for your truck. 3-Way CB Antenna Mirror Mount. Go mobile with our selection of mobile whip antennas! Ideal for your vehicle, as well as Field Day and EmComm operation, our selection of mobile whip antennas includes a wide array of mounting, gain, height, band, and connector options. Material and Load. You save: $ 8. 19 $116. CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna Soft Whip Magnetic Base CB Antenna BNC PL259 Male Compatible with Cobra Midland Uniden Maxon President Portable Handheld CB Radio Car Mobile Radio Scanner. JBC1020C - 102" Steel CB Whip Antenna 3/8" x 24 Thread Crimp Style. Ideal if maximum range / performance is most important. Tools The Pulse-Larsen NMO150B is a 5/8 Wave Whip Omnidirectional Antenna operating at 144-174 (2 m) MHz with NMO Mount Base. 4 Inches Tall (just shy of 7 feet) Adjustable angle with pivot point at base. 14. CB Antenna Sleeve – Red. Wilson. $12. RM1000 with a 39" Short load steel whip. 43. : RW-Alabama-USA. Learn more. You can spot these antennas easily by a single yard-long whip and a gray or stainless steel loading coil at the base. To fine tune the VSWR with a VSWR meter, move the whip up or down in 1/8" increments. A ball mount and heavy spring are suggested to mount it. 305-497. A CB radio whip antenna will enhance the performance of your CB radio. It fits all 3/8" x 24 threaded mounts. 102" whip antenna outperforms all coil-type mobile CB antennas by any manufacturer. Add to Compare. Fits Firestik or like CB Antennas, Fiberglass Antennas 3/8″. Write a review. Hot Rod CB Antenna in Orange, 4 ft. 5 maximum SWR, 5000 Watts Height: 16-1/2' t. 5". 7 out of 5 stars. Select options. For Wilson 1000 and 5000 Trunk, Magnet and Roof Mount Antennas. Universal SR-5K or SR-A10MM CB Antenna Replacement Whip by Stryker Radios®. The quality of the antenna you install will determine the quality of the sound, the range from which you can receive signals, and the range to which you will be able to transmit . 5 Items Show. However, if you should find a lower price on an identical, brand-new product, call us and we'll do our best to beat it. 4 Reviews. Tough Enough it can be Bent 180 Degrees and Will Spring Back. by N6JSX June, 2012. Specifications for Shakespeare 8ft Tunable Galaxy CB Antenna: If you want the tallest antenna, a true 1/4 wave antenna, the best option is the Hustler IC56. 43 Availability: In stock For VHF operation, a 5/8-wavelength CB antenna offers a low take-off angle and may achieve increased gain of approximately 3dB over a conventional 18″ spike on the roof. Description. One that easily picks up your favorite station, even as you cross borders, counties, and towers. Specifications for Shakespeare 8ft Tunable Galaxy CB Antenna: Description. Military antennas are designed to optimize the frequencies that the military uses, which means they won't work great for CB or even HAM. CB & 10 Meter Antenna. *Palco Electronics has everyday discount prices. I've been using this J for more than 25yrs on my mobiles. 39Kb. Wilson Antenna 900906. CB Antenna Improve your CB radio with the BIGCAT-9 CB Improve your CB radio with the BIGCAT-9 CB Antenna from Tram. The "J" has approximately 3dBg of gain over a ¼λ ground plane. 15. 43 Availability: In stock 3-Way CB Antenna Mirror Mount. To connect the antenna with your CB radio, you need this cable, so it has to be long enough to stretch from where your antenna will be mounted, to the place in the car where your radio is. One RG-8 CB Coax Cable. Tiger CB antennas are double wrapped 1 1/2 wave which significantly lowers the angle of radiation, increases Db gain and bandwidth. May 8, 2015. people tend to use CB Antennas that are a fraction of the wavelength: 1/2, 5/8, 1/4 and 1/8 are all common wavelengths for Antennas. , but can handle 20,000-Watt of power. Plus, they preserve a great old-school look. Our Price: $4. Hot Rod CB antenna is rated at 150-Watt and 3/8 in. Add to Wish List. All products sold separately. To connect your antenna with the RG-8 coaxial cable. 783. You should be able to… 8ft CB Marine 1 Piece Galaxy Antenna, MFG# 5223-XT, White, includes tunable antenna w/stainless 1in - 14 thread ferrule, 20ft RG-8X coax, & PL-259 connector. Add To Cart. SPIRAL 1,000 WATT MEDIUM. As you might know, the antenna is arguably the most crucial component of any CB radio system. The 5/8 λ has ~3-6° degree radiation angle with the highest angle of ~4-9° is from a ¼λ. This package contains a 62" whip, load, mount and coax. per page Sort By. Product ID 202B. stainless steel tapered whip and 3/8 in. 99 Wilson Antenna is a popular CB antenna manufacturer. 5 feet *102 inch mobile antennas work better & reach farther Free 2-day shipping. 67. 98 with. jpg. 5 Whip with Chrome Plated. x 24 in. Sirio Turbo 800s Blue CB & Ham Mobile Antenna. of A. 29 $ 11. (3) Total Ratings 3, $69. 41 inches tall,. RW IOWA USA. $21. In the case of CB, the 1/4 antenna at just under 10 feet long is the common "whip" that you may see on cars and trucks. The Wilson 1000’s higher gain performance is a result of several new design developments that bring to you the most powerful CB base loaded antenna available in its price range. Wilson Antenna is a popular CB antenna brand preferred by many. Composed of fiberglass and proudly made here in the U. 43 - $21. Solarcon 2ft Top Loaded Fiberglass CB Antenna, 750W. $25. President RW MISSISSIPPI USA Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Whip CB Antenna$54. Base loaded antennas have a wave length of 1/4. List Price: $11. Here is my very successful 2m/440 dual-band single-feed "J" mobile antenna made with a 102" CB whip. $145. 100 thick for the remainder of the whip length. Go to next slide - Best Selling. W1000MAG-B - Wilson 1000 Magnetic Mount Base Loaded CB Antenna. Technically, the "J" antenna is an end-fed ½λ antenna using a ¼λ matching stub. Whip adapter is chrome plated. 9 in. A true ¼ wave CB antenna when combined with high quality 18 feet of coaxial cable! The IC56 is truly the holy grail of antennas for two-way radio communications! The 102 inch stainless steel CB whip antenna is flexible beyond imagination. In the early 1970s, the use of CB in film Smokey and the Bandit waved like a flood in the UNITED STATES. These Wilson Antennas use a huge coil housing that allows for higher power handling; 10-gauge silver plated wire; and patented low loss, air wound coil design. , this antenna and the CB antenna mount that comes with it are the perfect accessory for your pick-up, Jeep or other off-road vehicle. 45. 83. 95. Firestik II FS Series 3' Fiberglass CB Antenna With Tunable Tip. Maco V-5000 Base Antenna. View product. One RP-SMA Female Connector. Base load antennas usually have a three to four foot long whip made out of stainless steel. The Wilson T2000 CB radio antenna use a standard 3/8"x24 chromed brass ferrule. B500L. Universal Magnetic Mount CB Antenna by Hustler Antennas®. For 3/8″ Threaded Antennas. List Price: $8. Price $8. 3500 Watt Power Handling. Individually pre-tuned unique top cap design for maximum performance and exclusive double helical winding. 10 years warranty. Free 2-day shipping. Item #: 9SIATG5EZH4825. A good whip tie down will secure it for travel. Buy Solarcon A-108PM 8 Tunable CB Antenna Whip withMagnet Mount & Cable - 50 Watt Black Coated Whip at Walmart. Wilson is one of few manufacturers that have a full line of antenna mounts including roof, truck, and magnetic mounts. So let’s review some must-have CB antenna features. $59. The antenna design incorporates a tunable tip for precision setting of the SWR and has a wattage rating of 2000 watts. Availability: In stock. For VHF operation, a 5/8-wavelength CB antenna offers a low take-off angle and may achieve increased gain of approximately 3dB over a conventional 18" spike on the roof. com: Hustler IC-56 Stainless Steel 102" (8. $140. Return Period: 30 days. 8" Tunable CB Antenna Whip w/Magnet Mount & Cable - 50 Watt, Black Coated Whip 8 UV Stabilized Anti Static Vinyl Jacket 3 Plastic Coated Magnet Mount 9' RG-58A/U Coax Cable Chrome Plated 3/8 x 24 Ferrule All Internal Connections. 62. 00. 200 thick and then tapers to . antenna mounts. Sirio Bull Trucker 3000 3/8 W/ Shaft CB & 10m Mobile Antenna - Green LED. This is the factory Replacement Antenna Whip for SR-5K & SR-A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antennas (Magnetic & Roof Mount). Specs Model / SKU: SS750 Recommended for: Large, heavy antennas including Monkey Made, Predator and 102" whip antennas. Predator 10K antennas are stiff and suffer very little (if at all) from SWR changes due to wind. chromed brass ferrule threaded base accepts all standard antenna mounts. The mounts might be good for a CB antenna but the antennas will not be good. 102″ Whip Antenna Made from 17-7 Stainless Steel. Frequency range is 26-30MHz. Skip The Classic 102" Whip And Get The All New And Improved President Electronics RW Texas 7 Foot Tall High Performance CB Antenna. Firestik Clamp-On Flat Antenna Mount. This includes Mack, Freightliner, Western Star, Sterling, Volvo, Peterbilt, and Kenworth. Manufacturer Warranty - 10 Years*. 08. 102" Whip Antenna Kit with Ball Mount. Determining which way to move whip If Channel 1 VSWR is higher than Channel 40 VSWR - the whip should be moved upward. The best CB antenna length is 102 inches (or 2. Firestik II CB Antenna with tunable tip. 95 Since an antenna must be at least 1/4 of its radio's wavelength, nearly all CB antennas have to be a compromise of either the radiator, or the GP. 17-7 ph tapered stainless steel whip Easy to tune. Standard 3/8″ x 24 thread base will fit ball mounts and most other. 8 1/2' or 102" steel whip cb antennas, coax, Cb radios, mics, mounts, Cb tuning and more at GI Joe's. AC4 Stainless steel. In Stock - Fast Shipping. These stainless steel mounts were specifically designed to mount antennas on the flat side-view mirror arm supports commonly found on pick-ups. 45 Reviews. $194. Choose Options. View as: RW ALABAMA USA. Model #: jtoVr-B086YYWB73. Starting at $21. A versatile mounting option to attach a CB antenna to any vertical surface, horizontal or vertical bar. $33. 10" Shaft (under load coil) In Stock - Fast Shipping. 102 Inch CB Antenna Whip. Length: 3 Feet. Mobile Whip Antennas. ( 20 %) Save 20%. Specifications for Shakespeare 8ft Tunable Galaxy CB Antenna: 387 & 587. Length: 62. Seamless Aircraft grade aluminum, 5db gain, 1. Also recommended for fiberglass antennas 5' and longer. Francis Antennas 5. If it's practical for your application, this antenna will provide the best transmit range. The 48 in. Compatible with: All fiberglass and center-load antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. Firestik II CB Antenna With Tunable Tip. all-thread CB mount. With that being said, even the military whip . As said, Necessity is the mother of invention. 3 reviews. Utilizes a standard 3/8 X 24 thread. Many vintage trailers had a long 102" whip antenna mounted to the front and clipped to the side. Adjustable tuning whip The exclusive K40 tuning whip simplifies matching the antenna to your system. Amazon. . Use this antenna to mount our CB Antenna Sleeve. com AC4 Stainless steel. 5 Reviews. The taper of this whip for the first 12 inches is . Hustler HQ27. A one-piece high impact plastic housing covers the coil and powerful magnet. Antenna is tunable with top loaded coil and 1/4 wave length design. The K40 SF-400 4′ CB Whip Antenna has the highest power handling - 1500 Watts. The IC56 can flex a full 180 ° without damage thanks to its bend and kink resistant construction. It was not out of pure invention but a necessity. Hands down the best performing mobile CB antenna you can buy. Overall Height: 5ft. 8ft CB Marine 1 Piece Galaxy Antenna, MFG# 5223-XT, White, includes tunable antenna w/stainless 1in - 14 thread ferrule, 20ft RG-8X coax, & PL-259 connector. We are proud to offer the highest quality antennas that are specifically tuned for every truck on the road. Buy. About CB Antennas. IC56 102" Steel Cb Antenna (504). 18261 - Midland Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna 821-896 Black Pigtail Whip $ 14. Hot Rod CB antenna is rated at The 48 in. What I did take away from the testing was that the Viper antenna held its own fairly well in this type of local test. Includes 102" whip with tie-down, ball mount, potbelly spring, and 18' of coax. T antenna weighs just 14 oz. $18. This whip also comes with the purchase of your antenna. 99. Wilson TM1000 is a roof top model antenna system. If you just need a replacement, use the 62" standard length whip. Magnetic mount offering reliable tuning, solid performance and quality construction. For magnetic CB Antenna, Cobra HGA 1500 Hga1500 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna will be best for your CB Radio. Add to . Mount your large, heavy antennas with confidence using this beefy, oversize stud. cb whip antenna 8ft

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